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02 April 2009 @ 10:25 pm
I'm Here To Stay [standalone]  
Title: I'm Here To Stay [standalone]
Author: my_obsession_xx
Beta: selectivelyurie
Rating: R
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: Third
Summary: It takes Ryan a few moments to register the crinkling noise that’s surrounding them; to realize that they’re lying in the pile, enclosed by the soft leaves, their breathing the only other sound that’s invading their ears.
Disclaimer: i own nothing about this, except for the fact that i wrote it. i do not own the boys in any way, shape or form. the end.
Author Notes: this is for colin because he had a bad day. i ended up writing fluffy porn; let's see if you guys can tell where the fic decided to take me down that road xD i hope it's not disappointing, bb. D: ♥

The leaves are falling everywhere. There are mounds piled up in yards, on the sidewalks, in the streets. It’s autumn, they’re on tour, somewhere in New England, and Ryan wishes he brought his camera out with him. He loves the colours, the way the leaves fall gently to the ground. The way they look so peaceful in the way they flutter down to the ground. But it’s sad in a way, because he knows that when once they fall, the leaves are dead. Just falling down, making room for the next ones to replace them the following spring.

He watches from the park swing, observing the trees above him, balancing on his heels before moving to a flat footed position. He rocks back and forth slightly, the swings hinges squeaking with each movement that they make. As a leaf falls in front of him he manages to catch it in his nimble fingers without much effort, and he twists it idly, the vibrant red matching the colour of Brendon’s sweatshirt.

“C’mon, Ry!” Brendon shouts with laughter in his voice as he beckons Ryan from the soccer field not too far off. He’s standing next to a bundle of leaves, waving his arms and bouncing excitedly. The park is empty, save for them. All of the kids are at school, adults are at work. They’re alone, but they’re together. The way Ryan likes it best.

Ryan shakes his head with a smile on his face and gets up from the swing, leaf still in hand. He makes his way over, and Brendon is smiling. He’s smiling that child-like smile that has so much innocence, so much passion and belief that it makes Ryan’s heart swell. Brendon takes his hand and kisses him lightly, tracing light circles on the top of Ryan’s hand with his thumb.

“Hey,” Brendon whispers, that smile still on his lips as he presses his forehead against Ryan’s and threads his fingers through his hair. Ryan’s hands find their way to his hips and Brendon almost whimpers in delight at the feeling, heart and stomach fluttering at the touch.

“Hey,” Ryan smiles back, and even though he doesn’t think so, Brendon can see it. It earns him an Eskimo kiss and a laugh, along with the closing of even more personal space between them. Their jeans are pressed together, limbs entangled, and Ryan wouldn’t have it any other way. He takes a breath, the cool autumn air and the smell of just Brendon fills his nose and he couldn’t be happier.

Ryan non-coherently twirls the red leaf against Brendon’s hip and the younger boy giggles, bringing his hand down to meet Ryan’s. He brings it up between them, moving his forehead away from the guitarist’s, and touches the leaf gently, fingers lingering over Ryan’s for half a second more than necessary before he brings his lips to Ryan’s knuckles. His pink lips are soft, so soft and Ryan knows it, and not just from the touch on his hand. He knows everything about Brendon’s lips, every curve, crevice, detail; they’re memorized on his tongue.

He wants to refresh his memory.

He lifts Brendon’s chin up with his hand, staring into Brendon’s eyes; they’re filled with want, passion, understanding while a smirk rests comfortably on those perfect lips. Ryan’s own lips curve up before he brings them together; eyes closing as his tongue slides over Brendon’s lips and the younger boy’s fingers are tangled in his hair once more, pulling him down.

It takes Ryan a few moments to register the crinkling noise that’s surrounding them; to realize that they’re lying in the pile, enclosed by the soft leaves, their breathing the only other sound that’s invading their ears. Brendon bites at Ryan’s lip, bringing back his attention, as the older boy’s hand slides up his shirt, fingers tracing lines like they’re skiing over their personal, perfectly memorized slope.

Brendon’s hands have disappeared from Ryan’s hair, and the older boy tries to protest before they’re guiding his own to the zipper of Brendon’s jeans. Ryan opens his eyes to find Brendon staring back, bottom lip now stuck between his teeth, eyes shining, glazed over and needy.

“You sure?” Ryan’s cheeks flush a bit as Brendon nods, but he smiles and crashes his lips down on Brendon’s again while his fingers fumble with the un-doings of Brendon’s pants.

He manages to get them undone and slides them down, just a bit below Brendon’s knees, as the younger boy hums in approval on his lips. The vibrations go straight to Ryan’s cock and he fights back a moan as his own hand finds its way to the singer’s cock, stroking slowly in an almost torturing way. Brendon detaches their lips before taking Ryan’s other hand and holding it to his mouth, his lips forming into a smirk before he takes in Ryan’s fingers, past his lips, tongue sliding over each one, wetting them, preparing. Ryan’s cock twitches again in his jeans at the feeling as he watches Brendon’s mouth around his fingers, licking, sucking, taunting.

Ryan practically growls as he removes his fingers from Brendon’s mouth and replaces them with his own lips again before his newly-lubed fingers find their way between Brendon’s legs. The younger boy’s hips arch up, giving Ryan more access as he pushes a first finger in, deep and twisting. Brendon’s hips arch up more and Ryan strokes him a bit harder as he pushes in a second finger, the younger boy’s muscles clenching slightly around him.

“Ry-Ryan,” Brendon pants as Ryan’s lips move towards his neck. He tangles his fingers in the guitarist’s hair who hums in approval on the sensitive skin, twisting his fingers and keeping his hand in sync with the scissoring motions that are driving Brendon insane. “M-more, please, more,” he begs, bucking his hips up, pre-come already leaking from his cock.

Ryan’s own cock is straining against the fabric of his jeans harder than before as a third finger disappears into the younger boy beneath him. Brendon can feel the burn and he loves it, savors it and moves his hips in time to the push and pull of Ryan’s fingers as they spread and curl and move.

“Come on, B,” Ryan coaxes, breath heavy and jagged, thumb trailing over the slit of Brendon’s leaking member, “Come for me.”

The words have hardly left Ryan’s lips before Brendon is coming, whimpering Ryan’s name in the process as his body shakes from the shocks, toes curling and fingers pulling at Ryan’s hair so hard his knuckles are turning white. It takes his muscles a second to relax, breath panting, chest heaving, as he looks up at Ryan whose bottom lip is swollen and pink, eyes heavy and lust filled.

“Lemme help you,” Brendon slurs, and gets up on his knees, pulling his pants up hastily in the process before any happened passers-by could see. Before Ryan can even choke out a protest, he pushes the older boy down and manages to push the guitarist’s jeans just past his hips, freeing his cock to the cool autumn air.

Ryan hisses and grabs onto Brendon’s hair, his slender fingers weaving throughout the strands as Brendon licks the head, slowly lapping up the pre-come that has already formed. A low groan makes itself heard from Ryan’s throat and he gently bucks his hips upward before Brendon’s hands find their way there, holding him down.

It only takes a few moments of Brendon taking him all the way, deep into the back of his throat, the vibrations from every moan shooting up Ryan’s cock and through to his spine for him to come. Brendon takes it all, swallows every last drop before he slides Ryan’s clothes back up and fastens them properly while Ryan’s body is still slightly shaking from the aftershocks.

He’s still breathing heavily as he rests his head on Ryan’s chest, and he doesn’t care that he’ll probably sound like shit that night. He doesn’t care because Ryan’s arms are wrapped around him and they’re lying in the leaves, the cool autumn breeze, and they have a few more hours until they’ll be called back to the bus to get ready for sound check.

In that moment, everything is perfect.

“I love you,” he whispers, snuggling his face deeper into the crook of Ryan’s neck, placing a kiss to Ryan's collarbone as he feels the guitarist’s arms tighten around him.

“I love you, too, B.”
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lorimy_obsession_xx on April 3rd, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)
FC reserved for Colin! :D
kaylastarlesscities on April 5th, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
this fic makes me smile so baaaaaaad <333