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22 March 2009 @ 08:30 pm
Untie Your Mind [standalone]  
Title: Untie Your Mind [standalone]
Author: my_obsession_xx
Beta: playful_lips
Rating: Light R
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: Third
Summary: They were the missing pieces of each other, completing the other with every glance, every breath, every shudder from the sensation of skin on skin.
Disclaimer: Pure fiction as far as I know~
Author Notes: The first sentence of this came into my mind randomly and I decided to run with it. :3 I'm really happy with how this turned out.
Dedication: For mah bb gurl selectivelyurie because I feel like a bitch and haven't worked on her stories I promised her as much as I should be<3 She read almost all of it before I finished, but, oh well. Also for xoarianne_ilyxo because she puts up with all of my crap and hopefully this motivates her to write! ILY BOTH BBS<3333333

It’s the soft rocking of hips on hips, the gentle protruding hip bones and small, subtle moans that make the whole experience behind the closed curtain of the bunk more enthralling and passionate than any hotel bed ever could. It’s the almost inaudible shuffle of the sheets beneath them, the muffled sounds caught in the back of their throats that make every touch more intimate than could ever be imagined. They were the missing pieces of each other, completing the other with every glance, every breath, every shudder from the sensation of skin on skin.

It’s the way the whispered whines of, “Oh fuck,” that fall from swollen lips manage to slip from their captor’s hold and usually come followed by arrangements of, “there, holy shit, fuck, right there!” with erratic, yet calming breathing patterns — hushed by the realization that the curtain that blocks them in their own area of bliss does not, in fact, block them from the rest of the bus — that have their voices shake in that ever-so-slight way that makes them tremble under each other’s touch. It’s the way they can feel each other’s pulse, but not from their heart; it’s they way they can feel it from their touch, from being inside, being filled completely.

It’s the way that calloused fingertips graze gently over the lightly bruised skin of hips, reassuring and taunting with the brush of tiny coaxing circles that make toes curl, the tightening and clenching of muscles with cries muffled by tongues pressing against each other, lips sliding together in a rhythm that never stops.

It’s the whispered voices, the hushed and soothing sound of nimble fingers running though hair in the afterglow, the heavy breathing and relaxation. It’s the mumble of “God, Bren.” as spider-like fingers slide down the length of the spine with the filling, tingling sensation throughout every limb. It’s the husky reply in the back of the throat of “Mm, Ryan.” that’s said as muscles relax, sleep sinking into every syllable.

It’s what makes them them, what makes them whole, together; it’s what makes them Brendon and Ryan.

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xoarianne_ilyxo on March 23rd, 2009 12:12 pm (UTC)
Came back, looked at your tags, lost the game. Thanks loreh.